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"Elgerta Group" was established in autumn 2006 as a technical specialist in electronics, a technical consultant, designer and active (semiconductor), passive, electromechanical and optoelectronic components of electronics, sensors, protection of components, connectors, wires, cables and accessories, power supplies, test equipment, tools and special products compilar and supplier in the Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. ElgertaGroup main activities - the highest quality technical consulting, picking of electronic components for the projects and the arrangement of customer products, customer product engineering modernisation, calculation of components demand for manufacture, complete gathering and supply for various manufacturing and trading companies, research and education institutions. ElgertaGroup includes: Elgerta Electronics (established in 2007, Estonia), Caro Electronics (established in 1992, Latvia), Elgerta (established in 1993, Lithuania), Central ElgertaGroup bureaus are located in the capitals of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. Currently 3 employees are working in Tallinn office, 6 employees in Riga and 15 in Vilnius. In comparison to other distributors of Central and Western Europe, we are still very young, but ElgertaGroup has a good name and history in Baltic, Russian and Byelorussian market, which is known and valued by our customers, colleagues distributors, and cherished by ourselves. We have highly qualified electronics engineers and customer service staff in our technical support and sales offices in all three Baltic countries. Local stock enables delivery of components „to the door" to customers in any Baltic country within the shortest time. Buffer stocks constantly maintained in every office for regular customers help to reduce the supplying disorder risk to minimum. Our mission is to be the source most preferred by engineers and customers designing, prototyping and manufacturing electronics.

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Estonia Latvia Lithuania

Elgerta Group In Estonia

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Tallinn +372 6228866 / +372 6228867 +372 6228860 estonia@elgertagroup.com Katusepapi st. 6 Tallinn, EE-11412 Estonia

Elgerta Group In Latvia

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+371 67501005 +371 67501004 latvia@elgertagroup.com Brivibas st. 144 Riga, LV-1012 Latvia

Elgerta Group In Lithuania

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+370 5 2652683 / +370 5 2652689 +370 5 2650828 lithuania@elgertagroup.com Visorių st. 2, Vilnius, LT-08300 Lithuania