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Since its establishment in 1972, Macnica, Inc. (the "Company") has specialized in supplying the electronics, information and communications industries with a wide variety of semiconductor-based, high-value-added electronic products, equipment, and software. The Company and its subsidiaries (collectively with the Company, "Macnica") are leaders in the high-technology fields in which they operate. In recent years, in addition to supplying devices, Macnica also provides customers with in-depth technical support. Macnica has two business domains, which are semiconductors and electronic devices, and network-related products. Its customers include Japan's leading electrical and electronic products manufacturers. Macnica has maintained its position as a leading supplier of advanced-technology products by consistently adhering to its corporate creed of "Continuously sowing seeds close by." Through such means as securing early-stage partnerships with venture businesses in Silicon Valley and elsewhere that have advanced technology with outstanding potential, Macnica is able to support technical development and supply products that precisely satisfy customer needs. Macnica is distinguished by its technological capabilities, its ability to generate proposals that are attuned to the needs of its customers, and its capacity to add value to its customers' products. The Company intends to maintain and enhance its already outstanding reputation.

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